About Me

I’m Hayley, an expat wife and mama living in Dubai with my husband (Mr. Bu) and daughter (Little Bu). I’m an Attachment Parenting and Gentle Parenting advocate, passionate about parenting gently and forming a strong bond with our children. I’m on a mission to help parents (and parents-to-be) to learn how to parent gently and naturally to raise emotionally healthy children.

Before we moved to Dubai, I was an Account Director in a media agency, living in Notting Hill and generally living a hectic London life, with food and travel being central to everything we did. Then Mr Bu was offered a job in Dubai and our lives changed completely within the space of a few short months.

We moved countries, I gave up my career, became pregnant, we bought a house, renovated said house, and then Little Bu arrived. Within a year I went from a London career-woman to a stay at home mum in the suburbs in the Middle East. And what a wonderful move it’s been. It’s allowed me to discover my true passions – Gentle Parenting, Attachment Parenting, Natural Parenting. Hopefully, through The Gentle Mama, I can help you on your parenting journey too.