About Me


I’m Hayley, an expat wife and mama living in Dubai with my husband (Mr. Bu) and toddler daughter (Little Bu).

Before we moved to Dubai, I was an Account Director in a media agency, living in an apartment in Notting Hill and generally living a hectic London life, with food and travel being central to everything we did. Then Mr Bu was offered a job in Dubai and our lives changed completely within the space of a few short months.

We moved countries, I gave up my career, became pregnant, we bought a house in a beautiful gated community, renovated said house, and then Baby Bu arrived. Within a year I went from a London career-woman to a stay at home mum in the suburbs in the Middle East. And what a wonderful move it’s been. It’s allowed me to discover my true passions – Gentle Parenting, Attachment Parenting, meditation and food.

Being a stay at home mama, I realised I needed an outlet for these new passions, which is where The Gentle Mama comes in. I hope you enjoy it!