A Gentle Intro

I first started thinking about writing a blog last night. So I haven’t put much thought into this, but I do know that I’m incredibly passionate about several elements of parenting, and I feel like I need an outlet for it. I may not have thought about blogging for very long, but I’ve been thinking about parenting, researching and learning on the job since Baby Bu’s birth, 20 months ago. I’ve been sharing my discoveries and tidbits in various mama forums (on Facebook), but maybe something a bit more permanent is what’s needed now. Let’s see!

I knew I wanted my blog to focus on attachment parenting and gentle parenting but we’re a little family of serious foodies, and I wanted to share my passion for cooking-for-kids too. So whilst I plan to write primarily about parenting, you’ll see the odd healthy baby-friendly recipe popping up on here too.

So my first challenge – choosing a name. There are SO many labels for parents nowadays. Crunchy mamas, silky mamas, attachment parents, gentle parents, the list goes on. I’m an attachment parent. I’m a gentle parent. I’m a bit crunchy. I’m a baby-wearer. I’m a co-sleeper. I’m an extended breastfeeder. I’m a baby-led weaner.  I’m a stay at home mum. But my daughter is vaccinated, she has a dummy (pacifier) and she’s in disposable nappies (diapers). There are scales in all these parenting labels, and unless you’re one of the very few at one extreme end or the other, no one label will fit perfectly. In fact usually several labels will probably fit each of us a little bit.

There’s an argument in parenting circles of late that we should do away with labels, that we should just ‘be who we are’. But I love being an AP, I’m proud to be a GP. I think these labels (so long as we understand it’s a sliding scale and not an all-or-nothing) help guide us in the enormous minefield of parental decisions, create a filter through which to view tricky moments and know how best to respond, and bring us together in beautiful little communities of likeminded parents.  I say bring on the labels! And if there are more out there for me to identify with, I look forward to finding them.

So labels didn’t seem like the right filter for choosing a blog name. Not a succinct one, anyway! I started thinking about what my overall ethos is, my guiding parenting principle. Gentle seems to fit so many elements of who I am, as a parent. I want to raise a strong, confident, independent woman, and I fervently believe that raising her in a gentle, loving, unfettered home is the way to do this. So here I am, The Gentle Mama. I look forward to sharing my journey with you!12823482_947820325286783_2175194336881709827_o

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